With great experience in terms of design, colour, material-compositions and FR certifications our designers + textile-engineers translate the wishes and requirements of your customers into beautiful, functional, sustainable and performing textile solutions, all IMO certified! What you can think of, we can create in KREATE+®!  Your imagination is setting the limits!


Custom Made

We are famous for our top quality basics, but we are „kreating“ the difference with our custom made design services!

Our well experienced design-team is transforming your demands and requests of your customers into custom made textile-solutions, which will make the difference and your projects unique! 

Quıck Shıpment

For the ultimate success of your contract work you need the best possible partner to guarantee the timing of completion of your projects! If for the delivery of samples of a mock-up room or the total quantity of the final goods.

With a quick shipment and a just in time delivery service, we are your backbone of your successful project management!  


From day one of your projects it will be crucial for your customers to calculate the best possible budgets and to guarantee it over the entire execution of the project. With small minimum quantities, we minimize the necessary purchasing volume for your projects and thus will reduce the overall budgets!  


No project is like the other and in each area of textile-applications of high-performance fabrics has to meet different requirements for the daily use in a project.

To achieve the right and necessary performance solution of contract textiles specifically for each area of application only where they are needed, we have developed the KREATE+ Smart-Tex Solutions.

Smart to use where you need it, smart to reduce your budgets and smart to act as sustainable as possible for a cleaner environment!  This is what KREATE+ stands for!


We love textiles, but we love our planet even more! 

Sustainable thinking and acting is the guiding principle for all of our work, always complying to the world’s highest environmental standards, laws and regulations. We are acting consciously for a cleaner environment by contributing to UN’s sustainability goals!

Hıgh Performance

With the big variety of our different qualities and additional finishing possibilities for all different textile-applications, we always guarantee the highest needed performance for the specific and different areas of applications, for a long-lasting and sustainable use and operation.