We translate & transform your project ideas into textile solutions!

KREATE+® is a textile design and technology company that is passionately focused on creating customised, high quality and innovative textile solutions for a sustainable future that add exceptional value to your business.

We are customer centric obsessed and won’t stop until you have your ideal solution.

KREATE+® designed by technology

KREATE+® is a design powerhouse with endless posibilities. We not only offer a vast selection of colors to our customers, but can also develop custom-made solutions for their specific requirements.

In a time when consumers want a more personalized experience and defy the concept of ownership by sharing everything from their offices to their cars, we must redefine how we design and develop for a world where textiles will be used in ways we have never imagined.

Textiles may mean different things to different people. To us, it is the starting point of an exciting journey in which we continuously discover and reinvent new solutions for our customers.

We’re here not just to build a successful business, but to offer our customers solutions that improve the wellbeing and comfort of seating with a carefree experience — both today and tomorrow.

We are KREATE+®, designed by technology.

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